Rainmeter Samurize utilities

Samurize plugins

These plugins are for the Samurize desktop info/ gadget app. It's a very mature and capable app, though, sadly, it appears to be dying. Still, I use these plugins daily and find them very useful, so I decided to make them available.


(for XP, Vista and Win7)

SleepCycle plots the periods of time when your PC is in sleep mode and when it is awake. The result is a circular graph representing time, with the current time shown as a red node, and a thick arc showing the awake state. Unlike a regular 12 hr clock, the full circle represents an arbitrary cycle, e.g. 24 hrs.

The plugin can also graph the activity of an app. I use it to monitor the recording status of a TV app called SageTV (shown in green below). SleepCycle can monitor any app, as long as that app locks a file—any file—while active. SleepCycle can thus monitor file downloads, conversion, etc.

SleepCycle was written to debug the ill-behaved power savings feature in Win7 64. I actually ended up writing my own sleep utility, suspend.

The animation below is a time lapse. Real time goes by much slower :)


SleepCycle time lapse

Visual plugin

  • shows PC sleep periods
  • 12/24/48/96 hr cycle
  • shows the activity of a program
  • loops over itself, erasing content older than one cycle
SleepCycle tooltip

Input plugin

  • a tooltip over a node shows info about the respective activity period
  • left-click reloads, right-click exits, middle-click saves the current event log to your %TEMP directory


SleepCycle GUI

Cycle I find the 24 hrs cycle most useful.
12 hr Use 12 hr format (am/pm) in the tooltip and log files.
Thickness Graph=how thick are the arcs & tick marks, line=thickness of the graph lines, dot size=radius of the graph nodes.
Rotation Shifts the "midnight" point on the graph. Default is the "12 o'clock" position. Note: if the selected cycle is longer than 24 hrs, you'll get multiple midnight points.
Interval How often to check the sleep status (in seconds). Your Samurize refresh rate must be lower than this.
Label A short name for the external app (shown in the tooltip).
Path Path to a file whose lock status you want to monitor. Use a wildcard (e.g *.mpg) to have SleepCycle check the most recent file that matches this pattern.
host, port
user, password
Sage web server settings
min. uptime Delay connection to the Sager server after system start to make sure the server's is up and running. Useful if this plugin and the Sage server run on the same PC.


Note: for use with SageTV, you'll need the sagex web service plugin. In Sage 7, go to Main Menu->Setup->Plugins->Availabe plugins. Under the General tab, find and install: "SageTV Web Interface" and "sagex-services".

Download SleepCycle.zip (124K)