Rainmeter Samurize utilities

Samurize plugins

These plugins are for the Samurize desktop info/ gadget app. It's a very mature and capable app, though, sadly, it appears to be dying. Still, I use these plugins daily and find them very useful, so I decided to make them available.

Temperature gradient

Temp. grad

A simple visual plugin which maps a number range onto a 3-point color ramp. For example, if the number range is set to -20 to +20 and the color ramp is defined as blue/black/red, the input value produces these colors:

Input Color
-20 blue
-10 50% blue, 50% black
0 black
15 25% black, 75% red
20 red

TempGrad can add a visual cue to weather forecasts to show an upcoming rise or drop in temperature. Note: the plugin doesn't provide any weather info by itself. It works with data provided by weather plugins.


TempGrad GUI

Normally, the color ramp goes from Cold to Neutral to Hot. If Make Neutral fully transparent is on, the color ramp goes from Cold to 100% transparent to Hot: you'll see a change in color intensity rather than a transition between colors.

Other uses

TempGrad GUI2TempGrad example


Download TempGrad_1.4.zip (10K)