Rainmeter Samurize utilities

Samurize plugins

These plugins are for the Samurize desktop info/ gadget app. It's a very mature and capable app, though, sadly, it appears to be dying. Still, I use these plugins daily and find them very useful, so I decided to make them available.

Digi Watchport /H

A source plugin for the Digi Watchport temperature and humidity sensor used to monitor server rooms. It's got a USB plug and a long CAT5 cable for the sensor. It's expensive when bought new, but you can sometimes buy it used on eBay for $25. This plugin can read multiple sensors on different COM ports.

Watchport1 Watchport2

Use the Device Manager in Windows to find the COM port of your sensor.

Watchport device manager Watchport config


The Watchport plugin has just one function, GetData, with these parameters:

display string Text to be shown. You can use tags listed below. For graphs or progress bars use a single tag (no "°" or % symbols).
COM port Virtual COM port number


The number of decimal places to show.

Use these tags in the display string:

[tempF] temperature in Fahrenheit
[tempC] temperature in Celsius
[hum] relative humidity


Download Watchport_1.1.zip (9K)