Rainmeter Samurize utilities

Samurize plugins

These plugins are for the Samurize desktop info/ gadget app. It's a very mature and capable app, though, sadly, it appears to be dying. Still, I use these plugins daily and find them very useful, so I decided to make them available.


command-line utility

MeterDup is a command-line utility that makes multiple copies of a single meter in a config. For each copy, MeterDup can auto-increment selected parameters. Use MeterDup when you need a series of similar meters, e.g. bars in a spectrum analyzer, a multi-line RSS feed with a link for each line, etc. Included examples:

Single bar Multiple bars

Multiple bars for a spectrum analyzer from one bar

Google one line

Google copies

Multi-line RSS config from a one-line config: each line gets its own link (sample config requires PageScraper 3)


Download MeterDup.zip (43K)