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X10 bed shaker

(batch file for X10 USB interface)

A simple batch script for X10 USB projects. It simplifies commands sent to an X10 USB interface. To control your devices, you just type in intuitive commands:

> x10 lights on
> x10 lights off
> x10 shake on

I used this script for a no-snooze alarm clock project. Instead of a regular alarm clock, my PC sends an X10 signal to turn on a bed shaker, a device used by deaf people. It's like a cell phone vibrator, but 20 times stronger. It's almost too effective.

X10 USB PowerLinc Smarthome USB PowerLinc USB interface, of the older, cheaper type (no Insteon or radio communication). It lets your PC talk to X10 devices.
X10 Appliance Linc Smarthome ApplianceLinc X10 appliance switch. A different X10 switch, LampLinc, controls incandescent bulbs (not appliances).
Bed shaker Sonic Alert, a mechanical "alarm clock" for deaf people. You may need to put it in a thick sock or towel to damp the strong vibration.


You'll need a command-line utility that came with your USB interface.

Download x10.bat (1K)